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Interior & Exterior Painting Company in Carrollton, TXExpert House Painting Company Carrollton, TX

Because our expert painters at Eagle Painting Company only use the best techniques to give you the home design of your dreams, we guarantee to give your interior or exterior space a new look with the help of our painting services that surpasses your expectations.

Interior Painting Contractor – Carrollton, TX

With our consistency to offer you the ability to choose from a large assortment of colors and textures, we guarantee that at Eagle Painting Company our painting, stripping, and texturing services will give our interior space a clean and fresh look you are sure to be amazed by. Your confidence to trust us to give you quick, long lasting painting techniques that will automatically give your room a beautiful and complete finish is our primary concern. Call today for an interior painting estimate.

Exterior Painting Contractor – Carrollton, TX

We are so confident in our ability give your home the fresh look it needs, we proudly guarantee your exterior paint will last for a very long time to come because our name brand paints will give you the always new look you want, while also offering no maintenance in the long run. We appreciate the investment you are making into your home, and at Eagle Painting Company, we continually work give you the very best quality in exterior painting services in Carrollton, Texas. Contact Eagle Painting Company for an exterior painting estimate.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Contractor – Carrollton, TX

Because all of our clients have depended upon us at Eagle Painting Company for the highest of quality in staining and texturing, we always strive to provide your kitchen with the highest quality excellence that guarantees your home will look so much better than it ever has before. With our highly skilled Carrollton Painting Professionals on your side, we will give your kitchen cabinets a unique new look, with uncompromising quality and craftsmanship. We are both proud and honored to have won the award for “Best in Show for Faux Finishes” two years in a row, giving us the cutting edge you can trust in that we will give your kitchen cabinets a look that is elegant, yet unique. Click here for more information on our kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing services.

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