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At Eagle Painting Company, we are proud to offer you the best techniques and quality work to provide your interior or exterior space with a brand new look. All of our painters use the latest techniques to provide you with excellent results.

Interior Painting Contractor – Benbrook, TX

Because we provide you with a wide range of colors and textures, our experts at Eagle Painting Company are capable of giving you that fresh new look you have been wanting for your interior space. Choose from our painting, stripping and texturing services as you decide on the final look to your new space. We guarantee your satisfaction when you see just how beautiful your interior space will look from the moment you see our completed work. Our promise extends to offering you on time, long lasting techniques that provide instant beauty and comfort while enjoying the new look in your space. Call today for an interior painting estimate.

Exterior Painting Contractor – Benbrook, TX

Just by allowing our experienced professional painters at Eagle Painting Company’s to touch up the exterior paint on your home, you are providing your exterior space with the durability and curb appeal that will last for years to come. Our name brand paints provide the guarantee that you will not have a peeling exterior, ensuring effortless maintenance for long term beauty. Because of our quality assurance, we at Eagle Painting Company, seek to provide you the highest quality exterior painting services in Benbrook, Texas that reflects the endurance and beauty we demand on our own homes. Contact Eagle Painting Company for an exterior panting estimate.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Contractor – Benbrook, TX

Eagle Painting Company experts have won the prestigious award for “Best in Show for Faux Finishes” two years in a row, which allows our work to speak for itself. We are dedicated to providing you with the excellence and professional experience you deserve, guaranteeing your home will speak your unique vision perfectly. Whether we are staining, texturing, painting, or all of the above, we are proud to guarantee your satisfaction with our work on your kitchen cabinets with our highly skilled Benbrook Painting Professionals. Click here for more information on our kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing services.

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