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inspiration from the paint of the year colors for 2018

Inspiration comes from many sources. Sometimes creativity just screams at you from the edges of your morning commute, and other times, you can use a little help finding the next big thing for your home. Thankfully, the top paint companies put their heads together, and their teams of design experts have come up with eye-catching paint colors that are sure to turn heads and dazzle this year. 2018 is off with a bang, and here come the top Paints of the Year!

Behr T-18-15 “In The Moment”

Behr’s choice for their Color of the Year is understated compared to the other two mentions on this list, so we thought it best to talk about it first. IN THE MOMENT, according to Behr, is a “soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green.” Paired with any of the other quaint colors on Behr’s palette of choice for the year, this delightfully underwhelming steely blue is stealing our hearts as a centerpiece or delicate accent. Perfect for walls, entryways, furniture, or almost anything else, IN THE MOMENT is sure to bring the moment off without a hitch at your next get-together.

Benjamin Moore’s AF-290 “Caliente”

This choice is bold, vibrant, and oh so daring! According to Ellen O’Neill of Benjamin Moor & Co.,“Caliente is the signature color of a modern architectural masterpiece; a lush carpet rolled out for a grand arrival; the assured backdrop for a book-lined library; a powerful first impression on a glossy front door. The eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes. Harness the vitality.”

Whoa. Impressively impressive, Ellen.

The 2018 palette of choice for Benjamin Moore this year seems to recall a sense of olden grandiose vibrancy. Deep, saturated reds and plum-y burgundies sit quietly alongside quaint rose and pink tones; pair that with numerous variations on gray and steel tones, with a hint of beige and golden on the far end, and this palette is working wonders for anyone seeking a hint of nostalgia. A glorious mashup of vintage whimsy and bold modernity, this palette, headed by the striking Caliente dark horse, is a winner for many!

Sherwin-Williams SW 6496 “Oceanside”

Another bold statement this year from an industry leader rounds out this survey. Complex and deep, there is still something dramatically calming and soothing about this brilliant “marine-inspired” blue. “Perceived as intelligent, honest and interesting,” this color is making waves left, right, and center in the market.

S-W suggests utilizing it as a centerpiece on your front door; or, for the work-at-home types, this hue can increase creative thinking and clarity of thought. Studies have shown that blue-spectrum colors and lights are the best for concentration and alertness. Although, as soothing as this shade is, it may be more suited to “inviting meditation and introspection” in “a bedroom or reading nook.”

The palette of choice for Sherwin-Williams this year includes a couple other blue tones, one darker and more saturated, the other lighter and more muted. Rounding out the pack is a bright, fuschia-esque pink and a sunny, subtle yellow (cleverly dubbed “Honey Bees” SW9018). While not as bold as Benjamin Moore this time around, this palette is still a crowd-pleaser.

Well, let us know what you think. How do these colors stack up in your opinion? What might they inspire you to try this year in your home?

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