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Choosing the right paint for the kitchen can be mind-boggling, but there is a trick to make it simple. Using the surrounding elements like cabinets, appliances, furniture and home decor, you can decipher a cohesive painting style that accentuates the look and feel of your kitchen.

For selecting the best kitchen paint color you need to consider these factors:

1) Understand your home’s style

Certain color combinations will match well with your home decor than others. If you want to update the color of your kitchen walls, consider the overall home style. Is your home contemporary, vintage, royal, serene, eco, wooden or bohemian? It may seem exciting to paint bright colors for now, but you will also want to make sure that you maintain this excitement in the next five years.

2) The ambiance you want to create in the kitchen

When thinking about the right colors to paint your kitchen you have to consider various avenues. You may want to give your kitchen a personality that reflects your taste. Your color palette should be able to create the desired ambiance so as to make you feel happy and satisfied after the paint job is complete. More often, the kitchen is a gathering space where families enjoy each other’s company, cook and munch, which is why many prefer a pacifying color palette.

3) Think about kitchen cabinets and fixtures

If your cabinets and fixtures follow a certain style and theme, it is a good idea to match the color of your kitchen walls with the same style and theme —unless you want your walls to staunchly stand out. If you are considering a complete kitchen remodel, you can play with cabinetry, appliances and fixture choices. Painting your walls is not the only option. You can also paint your kitchen cabinets.

4) Furniture is important

Repurposing the available furniture is a great way to accomplish the dream kitchen style. Color can bring a kitchen to life, and it doesn’t need to only be on your walls. If you want to go bright, think about painting your kitchen chairs and tables with vibrant colors. If you want to experiment with something more exquisite, consider contrasting furniture that complements the backdrop or other decor in the kitchen.

5) Consider neighboring rooms

When choosing the right paint color for the kitchen, consider the theme, color, and style of neighboring rooms. If your room or hall shares a wall with kitchen, think about how the kitchen paint will look when moving towards the kitchen from hall or room, or vice versa.

6) Decide the color palette

Before painting the kitchen, select a color palette. Consider what will make you feel peaceful while you prepare meals or spend time with loved ones. You can opt between a classic, mild or trendy color palette depending on your taste.

Your home is a part of your everyday life, it reflects your choices and style, which means it is important to choose the right paint color for the kitchen. Depending on your requirements, taste, appliances, kitchen cabinets, and adjoining rooms, explore decor ideas that deliver a cohesive, unique and smart look.

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