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Baseball and paint. Not two things you would generally think of together But for six players, the classic art form has provided some welcome respite off the diamond through the years. We don’t think they’ll be the last, either, as time proves a man or woman can be talented at more than just one sport or art. And many will agree, baseball is as much art as it is sport.

Curt Flood

While he paved the way for MLB free agency, Flood was an All-Star with the canvas, as well. During the offseason, he earned good money as a portrait artist. He is quoted as having said, “Baseball and painting make a good balance. Baseball is virile. It’s rough a tough. Painting is sensitive; quiet. It’s an outlet to overcome tension.”

Omar Vizquel

Known for his fancy footwork at short, it is not a surprise to many of his fans that Vizquel is an artist off-field. He’s tried his hand at drumming, fashion, singing, sculpture, and painting. Bringing life to a nearly-dead style of painting, Vizquel’s pointillistic images are captivating. Relating his art to his career in baseball, he said, “I think I can see the play ahead, what can come out of the play. And maybe that translates in the art. I can see something developing right in front of my eyes and figure it out and do it.”

Micah Johnson

Another multitalented sportsman, Johnson plays piano and paints very regularly. He has even held an art show that raised money for Chicago-based non-profit SkyArt, as well as a recent solo exhibition at Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts center. Of his art, he says, “I had to find a way to de-stress when I went home from a game, and that was through art. You’d go home and you try and get your mind off it. That was it for me.”

Drew Storen

An eclectic star of the sport, Storen majored in product design while at Stanford. Since entering the Major Leagues, his exploits have all but taken over social media. From turning his car into a functioning Batmobile to working out with Bikram hot yoga, Storen is quite the figure. He also paints.

Brett Tomko

Known for winning 100 games, with 10 teams, during his 14 years in the sport, Tomko has always been vocal about his love of painting. “It’s something I’m pretty passionate about. It’s very relaxing, and it’s what I was going to go into if all this didn’t work out.” Beginning as a child, he initially hid his artistic bent. “I thought I’d be made fun of, so I wanted no part of it.” He eventually took an art class in his freshman year of high school, and went on to major in art while attending Florida Southern University. Some of his work is even hanging in the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum.

Didi Gregorius

The Yankee’s shortstop may be a knighted member of the nobility, but he feels he found his calling in art as well as the diamond. From pencil sketches to quiet his mind to cartoons on sneakers, Sir Didi is quite the individual with magic hidden up his sleeves.


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