Best Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets Painting North Richland Hills TX

Best Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets Painting North Richland Hills TX

Transform Your Kitchen or Bathroom with New Cabinetry

Sometimes a complete remodel is not necessary to revamp your kitchen or bathroom—sometimes all your spaces need is a new paint scheme for your Cabinetry. Our customers are continually amazed by how their kitchens and bathrooms can be completely transformed, simply by repainting their cabinetry! And it’s not just the color choice that makes the difference, but also the finishes and textures that can really add a whole new element to the room.

With the help of Eagle Painting’s staining and texturing, your kitchen or bathroom will look better than it ever has before. Our highly skilled professionals will give your cabinets a fresh new look.

We offer a variety of Cabinetry finishes that will suit any space:

Painted Cabinetry

Sometimes a new coat of paint, or a brand new color, is all a kitchen or bathroom needs to in order for it to feel completely refreshed and renovated. Our expert team will help you pick out the right color to really accent your space, and then we will do all the work to completely transform your cabinets! Painting cabinets is a very finely-detailed process, and our expert painters get the job done right, each and every time.

Faux Finish Cabinetry

Going for that classic, antique look? Want to transform your kitchen into a French country cottage, or your bathroom into something fit for a palace? We’ve got you covered! With our antique highlight faux finishes, your Cabinetry will be transformed into something from another time and place. It will add elegance and sophistication to any room, and completely revitalize those old cabinets into some new, fresh, and sure to catch the eye of your guests!

Gel-Stained Cabinetry

Have you ever been to a home where the cabinets just seemed to glow and gleam, as if they had just been polished to a high gloss? Well, either that person puts a lot of elbow grease into maintaining their cabinets, or they made the right call and picked out a gel-stained finish! Not only does a gel-stained finish give extra durability to your cabinets, it makes your cabinets really pop. Its high-gloss surface can really add a lot of light and texture to a kitchen or bath, and can transform an ordinary space into one that is lively and memorable.

Love your home more than ever before.

Love your home more than ever before.

Our experience and work speaks for itself. We have won the award for Best in Show for Faux Finishes two years in a row, so you can trust that we will give your cabinets a look that is elegant, yet unique.

In many cases, there’s no need to go through the expense and hassle of ripping out your old cabinets and installing new ones. Not only do new cabinets cost an arm and a leg, the whole removal and installation process can take weeks and can totally disrupt the flow of your home. Imagine not being able to use your kitchen for three weeks! And that doesn’t even take into consideration the mess that the construction can make, with sawdust getting everywhere (and we mean everywhere!)

Instead of dealing with all those headaches, why not let the experts at Eagle Painting Service transform your old cabinets for a fraction of the cost and hassle? You will be positively amazed at how a new coat of paint, or a new textured finish, can completely transform your old cabinets into something new and classy.

Cabinet Service You Can Rely On For Your Fort Worth Home

At Eagle Painting Service, our customers are always our top priority. We strive to provide not only the best finished product on a painting job, but also the best customer service along the way. You can trust us to give you prompt, honest service—every time. We will walk you through the whole process, from paint selection to preparing your space for the actual painting itself. Our expert team is here to advise and assist you.

We also stand by our quality. We ensure that the final product is something that you and your family will be happy with for years to come. Every time you work with us at Eagle Painting Service, we are certain that you will enjoy your brand new spaces!

Give Eagle Painting Services a call today at 817-333-8866, and find out how we can make the most of your cabinets!

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